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Beast Collector

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What is Beast Collector?

Beast Collector is a decentralized collection-based game where players use Trainers to collect various Beasts. It operates on the Aptos Blockchain and is powered by the Move Smart contract.

The drop rates of rare Beasts and Eggs are transparently disclosed through the decentralized approach of the Move Smart contract.

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How to use Beast NFT?

You can migrate your Beast NFT to Card Game

or you can earn War Coin by explore with it

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Beast NFT

Card Game

You can migrate your beast to Beast Collector Card Game by burn it

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About Card Game

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In the fantastical realm of the werewolf and witch war, a legendary faction known as the Beast Collectors emerges. As the conflict rages on, these individuals are struck by a deep anguish as they bear witness to the vanishing of extraordinary and elusive Beasts. Guided by an unwavering determination to safeguard these enchanting creatures, they shoulder the responsibility of offering them sanctuary in the face of adversity.

Having seen the once-vibrant forests reduced to ashes by the flames of war, the Beast Collectors tirelessly embark on a noble quest to secure new havens for the displaced Beasts. Their mission becomes a sacred duty, aimed at not only preserving the unique wonders of these creatures but also thwarting the threat of their complete extinction.

Armed with an intimate knowledge of the mystical arts and an unyielding passion for the fantastical beings that inhabit their world, the Beast Collectors venture forth. Through treacherous lands and ethereal realms, they seek out hidden pockets of unspoiled wilderness, untouched by the ravages of the war. These sanctuaries, teeming with ancient magic and lush landscapes, serve as beacons of hope for the Beasts, promising them solace and protection.

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With every step they take, the Beast Collectors face formidable challenges. Dark forces aligned with the warring factions of werewolves and witches seek to exploit the vulnerable creatures, driven by greed and a thirst for power. The Beast Collectors, however, stand as an unyielding barrier against such malevolence, defending the innocent and shielding the rare and exquisite Beasts from harm.

Their journey is a testament to the indomitable spirit of unity and compassion that burns within the hearts of these valiant individuals. As they navigate through perilous encounters, forge unlikely alliances, and unlock the ancient secrets of their world, the Beast Collectors embody a resolute determination to reclaim harmony and restore balance to a realm teetering on the edge of destruction.

the Beast Collectors weave a tale of bravery, preservation, and the enduring bonds between humankind and the magical creatures that grace their extraordinary world. Will they succeed in their quest to ensure the survival of these extraordinary beings? Only time will tell as their epic journey unfolds amidst the chaos of the werewolf and witch war

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How do you play?

You start by minting Trainers and then proceed to Exploration in the menu.

There is a chance of obtaining Eggs during Exploration, and the dropped Eggs can be hatched in the Hatch section to obtain Beasts

Hatch and Evolve

1. Egg

2. Babyhood

3. Childhood

4. Champion


1. Mobile App launch

2. Raffle

3. Beast Trade

4. Battle Game


Do you have any inquiries? Please let us know through our Discord ticket system. Join our Discord server and open a ticket to get in touch with us. We're here to assist you!

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Droprate Info

The droprate is transparent and publicly disclosed through the Aptos Move Smart contract. You can trust that the drop rate is fair and openly available for everyone to see

See Droprate Info

War Coin Info

War Coin is a coin used throughout the ecosystem of Werewolf and Witch games, and it is awarded for contributions to the ecosystem and community service activities

See War Coin Info