Beast Collector Guide

Welcome to Werewolf vs Witch Deflationary/Decentralized
Beast Collector Game

If you're a beginner or having difficulties playing the game,
please check out our handy guide below

1. BUY Trainer

To start the game, you will need to obtain the Beast Collector first. Visit the Mint page to mint the Collector (Trainer).

And there is 5 grade of rarity for trainer : Trainer, Pro Trainer, Semi Champion, World Champion, Master

Go to get Trainer

2. Explore

To get beast, you can get egg of beast (that you need to hatch) at exploration with trainer, drop rate of egg is differed by rarity of trainer. and trainer or beast whom you explore with will get exp.

And there are 3 grade of rarity for egg : Normal, Common, Epic

Go to Explore

3. Hatch

By hatch egg, you will get beast of first evolution stage. Rarity of hatched beast will be differed by rarity of egg.

And there are 7 grade of rarity for beast : Very Common, Common, Rare, Very Rare, Epic, Legendary, Mythic

Go to Hatch

4. Evolve

You can evolve your beast when the experience bar is full.

and you can upgrade your trainer rarity when level of trainer reaches 5.

Go to Evolve

5. Breed

By breeding two Beasts, you can obtain an Egg.

The higher the rank of the Beasts used in breeding, the higher the chance of obtaining a higher-ranked Egg.

You can breed again with same beast after week when breed.

Go to Breed

6. Beast

You can migrate your Beast NFT to Card Game

or you can earn War Coin by explore dungeon with it

Go to Migration

Go to Dungeon