Trainer Grade

Description of each rank in the Beast Collector game, based on the corresponding level of proficiency.

Grade 1 : Trainer

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As a Trainer, you are just beginning your journey in the world of Beast Collector. You have a basic understanding of the game mechanics and are eager to learn. Your skills are still developing, and you are focused on capturing and training a variety of creatures. With dedication and practice, you can climb up the ranks and become a formidable collector.

Grade 2 : Pro Trainer

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Congratulations! You have now advanced to the rank of Pro Trainer. Your dedication and hard work have paid off, and you have become more proficient in capturing and training beasts. You have a deeper understanding of their unique abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. People admire your skills and seek your advice. However, there is still room for improvement as you strive to become even better.

Grade 3 : Semi Champion

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You have made it to the rank of Semi Champion, an impressive feat in the world of Beast Collector. Your abilities as a collector have reached a high level of expertise. You possess extensive knowledge about different species of beasts and have honed your tactics in battles. You can strategize effectively to overcome tough opponents and prove yourself as a force to be reckoned with. As a Semi Champion, you inspire others to push their limits and aim for greatness.

Grade 4 : World Champion

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You have ascended to the pinnacle of Beast Collector as a World Champion. Your skills and mastery over the game are unmatched. You have proven yourself in countless battles, defeating the most formidable opponents from around the globe. Your name is known far and wide, and you are respected as a legendary collector. As a World Champion, you have access to exclusive resources, rare creatures, and prestigious tournaments.

Grade 5 : Master

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The rank of Master is reserved for the ultimate elite in the Beast Collector game. You are a true master of the craft, surpassing all others in skill and knowledge. Your expertise is unparalleled, and you have mastered every aspect of the game. Other collectors look up to you with awe and admiration. As a Master, you have the authority to guide the game's development, mentor other players, and shape the future of Beast Collector.